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Wait, what??! Who’s that?

Posted by Wudchuk on April 6, 2014

Well, hello there universe! Yes, I’m still alive. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m back. No, for real this time, really! Well, keep coming back and find out for yourself!

Let me catch you up….

The earlier posts were when I was in the best shape of my adult life….right around that picture with the ribeye, I tweaked my elbow, and had no money, so I took a “brief” respite from CF.

That “brief” stint became about 5 years and counting. In that time, I’ve moved my family and my Crossfit Gyms twice. Also, I have learned quite a bit about the body and the way it works. Mainly just reading other people’s finished research, but some fun, exciting things. More on that later, probably…

Also during the time, I opened up a grassfed meat distribution company…TheMeatGoat…now PasturedPerfect. Its great. I love it most days, but it has taken my Saturdays and Sundays most of the year. Also, I’ve switched jobs about 42 times. (it feels like, actually just 3). The jobs have led to each other, and for that I’m grateful, but other than that, I wouldn’t wish a few of them on my worst enemy. So all of this piled on top of each other, coupled with me thinking that the only way I can succeed is by CF has resulted in me pretty much giving up on working out….since I couple working out with eating well, that went out the window too….so, that’s how I get from 192 back up to 255. 

That, and the weight loss contest….In 2011, I did a weight loss competition in which I had about 40lbs to lose. I waited until about 5 weeks to go to get serious about it. That was a terrible move. I ended up making the goal and winning the money, which was great. The result though was that I had starved myself for about the last 5 days of the contest. While I still had a bunch of weight to lose overall (ended at 204), once I started eating again, my hunger was insatiable. I told myself I would only cheat a little bit and then get back on the wagon. That didn’t work…not even a little. It was a never ending hunger….if I wanted to (and I did sometimes), I could eat a full dinner, then go out to McDs and have a value meal. I was physically full, but my mind was always telling me to eat. Always….even if I was bursting, the drive thru always called my name. Not surprisingly, I gained all of the weight back in less than 3 months.

But, of course, it doesn’t stop at my starting weight….it never does….I seem to have reset my set point at about 250. So I’m now sitting at 252.00 and on the precipice of another weight loss contest. But, this time, I’m much better educated and am giving myself time to do things right.

This blog will catalog my journey over the next few months, and beyond….



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