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Wait, what??! Who’s that?

Posted by Wudchuk on April 6, 2014

Well, hello there universe! Yes, I’m still alive. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m back. No, for real this time, really! Well, keep coming back and find out for yourself!

Let me catch you up….

The earlier posts were when I was in the best shape of my adult life….right around that picture with the ribeye, I tweaked my elbow, and had no money, so I took a “brief” respite from CF.

That “brief” stint became about 5 years and counting. In that time, I’ve moved my family and my Crossfit Gyms twice. Also, I have learned quite a bit about the body and the way it works. Mainly just reading other people’s finished research, but some fun, exciting things. More on that later, probably…

Also during the time, I opened up a grassfed meat distribution company…TheMeatGoat…now PasturedPerfect. Its great. I love it most days, but it has taken my Saturdays and Sundays most of the year. Also, I’ve switched jobs about 42 times. (it feels like, actually just 3). The jobs have led to each other, and for that I’m grateful, but other than that, I wouldn’t wish a few of them on my worst enemy. So all of this piled on top of each other, coupled with me thinking that the only way I can succeed is by CF has resulted in me pretty much giving up on working out….since I couple working out with eating well, that went out the window too….so, that’s how I get from 192 back up to 255. 

That, and the weight loss contest….In 2011, I did a weight loss competition in which I had about 40lbs to lose. I waited until about 5 weeks to go to get serious about it. That was a terrible move. I ended up making the goal and winning the money, which was great. The result though was that I had starved myself for about the last 5 days of the contest. While I still had a bunch of weight to lose overall (ended at 204), once I started eating again, my hunger was insatiable. I told myself I would only cheat a little bit and then get back on the wagon. That didn’t work…not even a little. It was a never ending hunger….if I wanted to (and I did sometimes), I could eat a full dinner, then go out to McDs and have a value meal. I was physically full, but my mind was always telling me to eat. Always….even if I was bursting, the drive thru always called my name. Not surprisingly, I gained all of the weight back in less than 3 months.

But, of course, it doesn’t stop at my starting weight….it never does….I seem to have reset my set point at about 250. So I’m now sitting at 252.00 and on the precipice of another weight loss contest. But, this time, I’m much better educated and am giving myself time to do things right.

This blog will catalog my journey over the next few months, and beyond….



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Still alive

Posted by Wudchuk on March 4, 2012

Well, I’m still alive, hope to be back and blogging soon. !ot

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Broad Jump nonsense!!

Posted by Wudchuk on June 30, 2010

Ugh, tough one today, wasn’t near as sore as I thoujght I woudl be after yesterday. I’m nowhere close to in shape, but still felt pretty decent over the past 2 days…

So…here was today…

Snatch balance 5-5-5-3-3-3 – 20,20,20,25,25,25
trying to work on form, but really with this movement I couldn’t go too much higher…

Broad jump 225ft
What ever the number is for your broad jumps is the number of reps you have to do for the following:
Deadlift -60k
Box Jump 24″
Jumping Squats
Rowed Calories

My number of Jumps was 34…I scaled everything to 25. My quads are very sore. My time was 11:52

incidentally my time was 14:05 yesterday…

I took my Bruno shake with a heaping tablespoon of glycene in it….

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Back in the saddle…

Posted by Wudchuk on June 29, 2010

First off, let me start by putting up my facebook status update….
Jeff Witte Is thankful for his coaches and friends at CrossFit Fire. With all of your support last year I was able to get in the best shape of my life. I have to move gyms because of my train schedule, and as I set out to do this year what I did last, know that you all have a special place in my heart.

So, with that being said, I’m back to CrossFit, CrossFit AMRAP to be exact. It doesn’t have all my old friends, but it does have one…Matty Lo. There was lots of hurt feelings when Matt and Brit opened their box, I’m not going to get very much into that, but I do hope the two sides can come to a sort of understanding and hopefully someday in the future, a sort of friendship again….

So I’m really not sure how often I’m going to be able to update…will try as often as possible…but it is hard.

Today…my first day back, we did the following:
400m run w/u, streching
3,3,3,1,1,1 OH Squat (suck) – did pretty good on them especially for the rust factor….I went: 20,30,40,43.5,45,50

1000m row (3:52)
5 rounds of
3 rope progressions
3 x 30K hanging power cleans
10 x clapping pushups

Not as much suck as I thought it would be. I made my train by about 5 minutes….nice action! I still had to change on the train, but hopfully I’m not too smelly!!

Alright, train is at the station….Wudchuk out!

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A new direction

Posted by Wudchuk on January 2, 2010

Ok I’m going to try something a little different to keep me on track. I’ll be taking pics of all the food I eat and recording it here.
So here is a listing of them all:
Taco meat with green salsa avocado and tomatoes in it, very yummy
3 eggs with organic bfast sausage
Julie’s wonderful chili, lots of mushrooms, tomatoes, ground beef and other paleo friendly things!
Eye of round and sweet potatoes!
Would like to get ur opinions on the next one, yougart, milk and (20) blueberry smoothie, have a feeling it’s on the naughty list but maybe not by too much…
Also, here was team Saturday, lots of rowing!!
I personally rowed for about 7 minutes at about a 1:45 /500 pace. Not too shabby. (broken up in 1:00 increments)
That’s all for this update, let me know what u think.

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The Gingerbread man gone paleo

Posted by Wudchuk on December 15, 2009

Hi all, I know I’ve been uber silent lately. I’m back to working out and will prolly resume regular blogging in the new year.  In the meantime, check out this guy, awesome stuff!


By Mel Mack @ CF Newport Via Barbells and Bacon

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Welcome to Loserville – Population:me

Posted by Wudchuk on October 5, 2009

okay, fallen completely off the wagon, hence no posts….will resume posting once I’ve figured out a way to get back in the groove with everything. Hope you are well.

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Countdown Day 47 – Air Wudchuk

Posted by Wudchuk on September 1, 2009

Tuesday September 1, 2009 6:30 AM
Sadly, I have to take some time off of Crossfit, it isn’t going to stop me or become an excuse for not making my goal. I went in to the other gym after helping Julie get out of the house with the rugrats this morning. The guys were playing some ball, so I joined in. We got at least 4 games in, not much to say, I had one good steal, 2 good three’s-including a game-winner and about 75 fouls. Our team was pretty over matched the last two games and we pulled it out. Lots of great running today! Hopefully, I will be able to get back to the Fort by next Monday – I gotta make sure I get back by Oct. 1 at the latest…Nate has a bet to pay off, and I want to be there to see it!!!

Weight:196.8 – Yeah!!! Pretty good diet this weekend and yesterday, and it paid off. If I keep it up, it will be very difficult for me NOT to hit the 175 goal by my bday!

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Countdown Day 49 – Rowing & Volleyball

Posted by Wudchuk on August 28, 2009

Thursday August 27, 2009 6:00 PM
Got to the Fort today, and realized that it was the womens class….DOH! Turned out okay b/c there was a couple guys there doing the rowing workout.

4000M Row For Time (DUH!)

Thoughts: I was happy with this one, through the first 3000, I was neck and neck with Bill and Zach, and just a touch behind Matt L. I didn’t lose my pace so much as they picked up theirs. My 2nd to last 500 was my worst at 2:05 and I finished with a 1:59. I approached this much like the 1000M swim, nice even quick pace the whole time, and it really worked out. I can’t remember all the splits, but outside of the first 1000, which was very quick, all of the 500s were anywhere from 1:57 to 2:06. I came in last, which was expected, but it wasn’t nearly the gap I thought it would be. I was within a minute of all three of the guys I was chasing! To give you their bio’s – Wild Bill – The founder of the feast (name that movie???) Zach – The mayor, a super strong rower and Matt L. one of our elites.

Had Volleyball this morning and had a good time playing for nearly 2 hours, I was a sweaty mess though!

I know I should be weighing myself at the same time, after or before the same activity (the stinking Wii reminds me of this every time I weigh myself), but I’m not gonna. I’m not getting too up or down about the results. Just like to have the general gauge on where I’m at!
And….where I’m at is
298.6 – in the morning after VB, in all my glory, post #1
Nice, am happy about that! 1.6 more lbs until I can officially go to Papa Joes, but I’ll prolly save that until after my birthday.

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Countdown Day 51 – A Scaling we will go

Posted by Wudchuk on August 26, 2009

Wednesday August 26, 2009 5:30 AM

Enjoying a juicy grassfed ribeye with my honey

Enjoying a juicy grassfed ribeye with my honey

Went to bed early, but 5:00 still came too soon. It didn’t help that the baby decided he was hungry at 1am and my lovely bride was dead to the world. No worries, still had time to get all my stuff together, do a pre workout weigh-in and get to the box ontime. Also, here is a pic from my meal last night:

Warm up: 500m row and lots and lots of stretching

WOD: “Nate” – AMRAP in 20:00
2 Muscle Up Progressions
4 Hand Stand Push Ups
8 Kettlebell swings (24K)

10 Rounds

Want Mohr:
40 Sprints

Muscle Up Progressions
– these were difficult, but since they were only two, it was easy to pound through them every round. I need to raise the rings next time.
HSPU – Since we had the rings out for the MUP – we had to do these on the wall, so instead of a push up, it was a controlled lower. The hardest thing was having to kick back up every time!
KB Swings – I used 24K for the first time today, and OMG is that heavy, after my second set, I wanted to scale lower, but pushed through it and am happy I did.

++Really challenged myself on the KB swings. Getting faster on my sprints – can feel my hip movement as I run, not sure how I should handle that, should I work to move them more or less, I’m guessing more, but if you have an idea, weigh in!
Keep practicing those handstands!

CrossForter of the day:
Barbie – she was a madwoman today, it was like a blur trying to watch her, she really pushed herself on this. She realized that she was using a lighter kettlebell than she should have, but she definitely made up the difference in picking up her pace! Great work babs!

Weight: 200.8 (Pre-Workout) – not bad, NEED TO KEEP EATING GOOD!! Next weigh in will be Thurs night after CFF. Hope to be around 197

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